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Custom Pet Art

I capture the spirit, personality and expressions of your pet so that it is your pet.

I work from a photo/s of your pet to create a unique piece. I work in 2 different mediums including oil paint on canvas and graphite pencil on paper.

Traditionally portraits were created of kings, queens and people of importance. So today why cant that be the same with our pets.

I can commission anything for you, if you would like an animal or something else and don't have a photo, always ask me as I may have one, or may be able to get one. If you would like a piece of any kind, from your own pets, family or friends or even wildlife don't hesitate to contact me.

If you need help with photographing your pet I am more than happy to help. I also offer photography packages. Otherwise if you just want artwork and don’t require photos, I can arrange to help you.

SEE HERE FOR PHOTO REQUIREMENTS. Photos need to be high quality for portraits so please read the details on choosing your photos.

See here for prices and sizing information.

Graphite Gallery Oil Gallery

Not sure what style or medium to choose, see a detailed description here to help you decide. Medium & Style Guide

Frequently asked questions.